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  • Pump rebuilds

    Our full rebuilds involve disassembling, cleaning, and replacing worn components with new parts or NOS as needed. We also install new seals, gaskets and bearings, and replace all worn cosmetic hardware with new or CAD plated hardware. This service also includes extensive diagnostic flow testing and recalibrating to validate the pump’s output. PRICE IS FOR LABOR ONLY.

    Starting at $2,500Schedule
  • Pump diagnosis

    Our diagnosis consists of cleaning, inspecting, extensively testing and recalibrating your pump. The testing and adjustment process validates the pump’s output after several hours of operation. Based on our findings, we recommend either a repair or rebuild. Though we minimize the cost by not performing unnecessary cosmetic services, the total is based on the initial state of the pump you send us.

    Starting at $600Schedule
  • Injector cleaning

    Our injector service involves cleaning and testing each injector for proper pressure delivery. After cleaning, we install the injectors on our bench and test their flow patterns across a range of simulated running conditions. This will show us the actual spray cone shape of each injector from idle up to 8000 RPM's. For an additional cost, we can hand pick the best flow patterns from a set of injectors to help fine tune your MFI system performance.

    Starting at $40Schedule
  • Special modifications

    Specially-built engines often require modifications to the MFI pump. Depending on your pump type, we can re-map your existing MFI space cam to enhance your engine's performance. Using a series of fine adjustments, we tailor the pump to your engine size, cam specifications, head ports and compression ratio, etc.

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